Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Time waits for no one

I read up on Gantt charts and had intended preparing one, but then was overtaken by events, or rather deadlines. I felt these charts were relevant to much bigger projects, and decided mine would sit quite happily in a timeline - not strictly in chronological order but nevertheless giving task finish dates. As I am on holiday 1st August and the nursing library closes on 5th August it was necessary to move quickly in getting something set up as a pilot study, and to get a questionnaire out to seek the information I needed from my focus group. I therefore prepared a hard-copy questionnaire in the first place which I could leave out on the counter for completion until library closure, confident that the only students visiting were nursing students. I have now had successful contact with Academic staff who are to host an online version (SurveyMonkey) of my questionnaire on Blackboard - but not until Monday 1st August.  I would have liked to narrow down to a specific group of nurses, but given the limited timescales,  decided the opinions of all current nursing students would be valid, as they have all been through the experiences of the first year undergraduate cohort who I would eventually be targeting.
For the social media tool I have had to get something up and running quickly that students can at least look at, so decided on a Facebook page to begin with. I will be adding content in the form of screencasts, but hopefully when there are one or two ‘likes’ in place – the intention being to dripfeed material rather than bombard.

Here is a link to my timeline:


Here to my introduction to my online questionnaire, with links to surveymonkey.


and my FB page is 'NurseInfoDMU'.

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