Monday, 22 August 2011

Facebook page trial and questionnaire

The ‘NurseInfoDMU’ Facebook page was launched containing introductory text, and over the next three weeks links to useful resources were added, including news items, screencasts on using electronic journals and databases, a Twitter account for NurseInfoDMU and a request for comments and feedback. At the same time, a two part SurveyMonkey questionnaire on information literacy skills was e-mailed to pre-registration nurses and linked on the Facebook page. Students were invited to ‘like’ the Facebook page in the introductory text to the survey.
There have been 32 likes on the Facebook page, and only one actual interaction - a 'like' to a news item about library tours for nursing students at the Kimberlin library. Whilst numbers of impressions indicate items have been viewed, there has been an unwillingness or reluctance to comment or interact in any way with the site.
There were 57 completed Part 1 and 39 completed Part 2 questionnaires from which some very informative comments and results provide a basis for analysis. This analysis would indicate there are many opportunities for which social media tools could be used to help nursing students develop their information literacy skills, complementing their existing teaching, allowing them to take more control over their learning, and dealing with some of the issues experienced in their information use. However, lack of interaction with the Facebook page would indicate stronger tactics are necessary to persuade and convince students of the value of such tools. Time is considered to be a major constraint, and so any social media tools introduced would need to convince students of time savings rather than cost. One big drawback is access to computers, and it cannot be assumed all students have home access or even access on placement, even if there should be enough whilst they are in university.

More detailed analysis of the results including comments can be found here:

Surveys informing this analysis can be found here: