Monday, 20 June 2011

Negotiated project for Module 3 of UCPD in Web Enhanced Practice

This is a project to propose how the library can use social media tools (as yet undefined) in order to support, develop and enhance levels of information literacy amongst nursing students, given the specific characteristics of this group and the demanding requirements of graduate level nursing training.

Pre-registration nursing students receive library induction from library staff early on in their courses, and during those sessions, they are taught the basics in using the library catalogue, finding electronic journals and searching databases. However, librarians are dealing with large groups who function at different levels in terms of information and computer literacy; the time allotted does not allow for coverage of some of the more specialist resources they should be aware of, and they are learning these techniques early on in their terms, at the same time as being bombarded with lots of other information. Unlike many students in other subject areas they do need to get up and running with these basic skills very quickly. Evidence based practice is a key element of the material they must use, and they have to be able to demonstrate their use of proven, up to date, quality resources which take this into account. They will also be spending time on placement, and so must have the skills to work at distance and alone, without the support of colleagues, staff and the library. It is my intention to try and establish how using social media tools, probably including a Facebook group, and online screencast or video tutorials, the library can do more to support these students and help them to nurture and develop their information literacy skills.

A graphic representation of their journey can be found here: