Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Elements of risk in my project

When defining my project I selected something that I knew would be helpful and complementary to my existing role in order that I could be confident of a reasonable amount of support and 'buy-in’ from library colleagues. Unfortunately I have yet to have any response from academic staff, and here lies one element of risk to the project, that in not having their support it may lack credibility and be difficult to drive forward. I don't think it is a matter of resistance as much as one of workload - it is easier to ignore rather than engage with something that might involve input and commitment when the relocation of the faculty is really at the forefront of everyone's mind. By the time this project is to get off the ground however, minds will hopefully be focussed again on the new intake of students and their learning requirements, and using pull styles of influencing, involving, building and then attracting will hopefully be successful.

Other risks may involve the students and whether they are willing to engage with the proposed tools, and again I would see involving and building as key to bringing them on board, but would not rule out some ‘pressure’ techniques such as rewarding students who participate. I think the whole show-feel-change idea rather than analyse-think-change will be useful to bear in mind - particularly in planning screencasts and YouTube videos rather than just text based delivery.

Risks lie in the technologies themselves, such as whether they will continue to be the preferred methods of delivery, and whether there are changes in terms of use which affect choice, factors to be closely monitored. And of course the whole environment and organisation in which I am operating can change, depending on political and economic factors.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    You have identified the main risks here: orgaisation and technical. What about evaluation [quality of data, stakeholder evaluation etc.]. Any risks relating to embedding in the curiculum?

    Consider a risk register set out as a table with the following headings, where P and S are out of 10 [with 10 High and 1 Low]:
    Risk > Likelihood/probability of occuring [P] > Severity if occurs [S] > Impact [PxS] > Action to be taken to migitate risk.

    1. Lack of academic engagement > 5 > 8 > 40 > Consultation with programme leader